Female Prophetess Prophecies Doom On Sexy Pastor Lucy Natasha’s Marriage

A Nigerian- United States based woman of God Apostle Princess Belemzy is under fire for allegedly prophesying a downfall of a fellow woman of God’s marriage.

In a Facebook post seen by this publication, Apostle Princess Belemzy claims that God showed her a popular Kenyan prophetess going through hard times in her marriage.

According to the woman of God was accusing her husband of lying to her.

“Wow! God just showed me a quick dream! I saw a popular kenyan prophetess dressed in a blue indian dress. She was so angry at her man for lying to her about many things. She was on a stage crying and accusing him and many people were watching but she didn’t even care,” she wrote.

Without asking people to pray for said woman of God, she only said something is about to happen the development which attracted mixed reactions from her followers.

Despite mentioning the name of the said prophetess, the description she said matched Kenya’s sexy pastor, Rev. Lucy Natasha who just got married to an Indian Man Prophet Carmel.

Zambian Prophetess Naise, cautioned the woman of God for writing on public such a sensitive message.

According to her it would have been better if she sent the message directly to the woman 0f God.