ASWAP ll Project Avails Thyolo farmers With banana Suckers

Crop Department of Agriculture Sector Wide Approach Project ll (ASWAPII) in the past months has been distributing banana suckers to farmers in Thyolo district as one way of rescuing cultivation of the crop.

According to Richard Thole, ASWAP Desk Officer said the project started in 2016 to renovate banana cultivation and improve the life of communities in the district after banana cultivation went down due to Banana Bunchy Top disease.

“Thyolo is known for favorite varieties of bananas and by revamping the crop means farmers will yield more,” Thole said.

Connex Diverson, farmer from Namakhwa village in Masambanjati Extension Planning Area (EPA), said he is very glad that the project came in time and is helping with the challenges that the communities were facing with the farming.

“Iam very glad that the project came in time when the banana farming almost died in the district due to the disease that attacked the crop but with the coming of ASWAP the challenges are been lessened”, said Diverson

The ASWAP Project has been helping farmers in Thyolo district with Banana suckers and advising them on what to do in order to have profits from the farming