155 years for killing person with albinism

155 years for killing person with albinism

The High Court of Malawi sitting in Mangochi yesterday sentenced three people to a collective 155 and a half years each imprisonment after being found guilty of killing Saidi Dyton, 23, a person with albinism.

The three are James Pilo Khang’a, 71, Sumaili Umaili Nikisi, 45, and Gayesi Katupe, 44.

The convicts being taken to prison

Presiding Judge Mzonde Mvula found the trio guilty after being satisfied that they killed Dyton, who went missing in 2021 at Kadewere Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Chowe in the district.

In his ruling, he sentenced the three to 68 and a half years each imprisonment for murder, 48 and a half years each for extracting human tissues and 38 and a half years each for trafficking in persons. The sentences will run concurrently.

The court heard that Khang’a, Nikisi, Kapute and Lucius Daudi Ngalu, who is still at large since January 27 last year, caused the death of Dyton and extracted tissue from his corpse.

According to court records, the late Dyton visited his uncle Khang’a, the first accused with his friend only identified as Mohammed but never returned home. Khang’a also hosted Kapute and Nikisi, the second and third accused at his house.

During that evening, all the three accused tried to buy time to ensure that Dyton and his friend did not leave for their respective homes.

The records further i n d i c a t e t h a t a f t e r Mohammed had left very late, Dyton went to sleep in his uncle’s (Khang’a) kitchen and was later woken by Kapute and Nikisi, who disappeared together that night.

During police investigation, Kapute revealed that he buried Dyton’s body parts in his garden after wrapping the body in a yellow sack.

Delivering the sentence, Mvula said the trio deserved such a punishment to deter others.

The three are from Kadewere Village, T/A Chowe in the district.

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