Zambia’s Gay Convicted For B00nking Male Students

A SENIOR spy from Office of the President – Special Division in Luwingu District of Northern Province has been jailed by the Kasama Magistrate’s Court for having sexual intercourse with fellow men.

In a case which has shocked everything and everyone in Luwingu, Moses Chanda, the Deputy Officer-In-Charge at the OP in Luwingu, instead of using his trained ears to penetrate into people’s private conversations as a good spy instead penetrated the backsides of males.

According to court testimonies, Chanda used his lavish earnings from his spy job to lure males, some as young as 14 and pupils, whom he bought plenty alcohol for.

However, after consuming his free beers and blacking out, the victims would wake up to the merciless pounding of their backsides by the OP Officer, some crying until sober.

However, Chanda’s drilling of lovers of his free booze got him in trouble when he lured a pupil of Kasama Boys Secondary School who had visited his district for sports games.

In his usual manner, he boozed up the kid and started spying in his anal cavity with his manhood. However, the boy was so shocked at the pummelling by the spy that he escaped and in trauma reported to police.

Meanwhile, following his conviction by the Magistrate’s Court, Chanda remains in Kasama’s Milima jail awaiting sentencing by the High Court for Sodomy which carries a minimum of 15 years in jail.

However, the jailing of the gay spy has raised fears that he may begin to drill his fellow inmates.