Zambian Woman Divorced For Refusing To Shave Her Hubby’s Private Parts

Zambian man has dragged his wife to court for allegedly defying her wife duties such as shaving his private parts.

The man Joseph Mushanga a 40 year old man claims his wife Mercy Mubanga aged 39 always insults him and comes home late.

“My wife even insulted me and refused to perform her duties such as shaving me,” man tells court

According to Mushanga, his wife loves clubbing and shows up at home late apart from that Mushanga also claimed that his wife is cruel towards his children.

Mushanga told the court that he married his wife in 2013 when he paid K100 as dowry.

Mushanga said Mubanga started leaving their house at awkward hours to go and drink and dance in nightclubs.

He said his wife insulted him and refused to perform her duties such as shaving him.