Why can’t we start with implementing the reforms?

Dear judge Mbadwa,

What a week we have had, my lord, and we have benefitted from a quiet introspection which Lazaro’s remarks, on how the country implements its programmes at a snail’s pace, afforded us.

My lord, I agree that people that are entrusted with responsibilities that would see Nyasaland transforming into some Singapore, (if Mapuya would allow me to use that) have let the country down.

It appears Nyasas, especially those in the service delivery area, have too much time on their lap such that meeting deadlines is something unheard of.

Carrying over to tomorrow what should have been done today has become the norm everywhere.

My lord, forgive my intrusion in your affairs, but just look at the challenge of the backlog of cases your esteemed office is battling with.

It is not because there are few judges on the tribunal, but rather some of them only conclude one case in three months without being bothered by anyone.

As a result, my lord, suspects have languished on remand for years before their cases were heard or judgement was delivered.

Examples are many even in the agriculture sector. Up to now the authorities have not started working on redeeming itself from the self-inflicted chaos of its flagship subsidy programme now that inputs have become unaffordable.

Then there is the issue of project planning and implementation. Oh! How well-documented it is that Nyasas have mastered the art of laboriously coming up with beautiful projects only to relegate them to the dusty shelves of inaction.

My lord, I hear that this country is in a perpetual planning mode and that is why it will not achieve anything tangible if the mindset will not change.

Now that Lazaro has hit the nail on the head, why not start leading by example by implementing the much-touted reforms whose document was concluded a long time ago by eminent sons and daughters of Nyasaland?

My lord, I don’t know in whose office is that document gathering dust? Otherwise this was an opportunity to ensure that the lackadaisical approach to serious business is dealt with once and for all.

I believe we cannot change the mindset if we do not embrace reforms, my lord and the office of the President is key.

My lord, I am sure you heard that most programmes and projects stalled in the very office that is supposed to serve Lazaro and this is where he should start acting from.

Perhaps it is high time that we Nyasas started doing what we preach. My lord let us try to meet the set deadlines even in realizing mere reports on the abuse of Covid-19 funds.

As I said earlier, implementing reforms now will mean we are serious about changing the mindset of the nation.


John Citizen.

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