Watch|| Slay Queen Goes Live On IG In A Client’s House After Refusing To Pay Her

Controversial Kenyan political analyst, Tony Gachoka, has reportedly been humiliated badly by a flesh peddlering slay queen.

Gachoka had allegedly invited the lady to his house for ‘Kerewa’ season and after satisfying his manly needs, he refused to pay her.

The no-nonsense Slay Queen , who is identified as Wambui, went live on Instagram and humiliated Gachoka, demanding to be given her dues.

In the video that has taken social media by storm, the lady is heard ranting how the political analyst started harassing her after he finished feasting on her goodies.

He told his workers to chase the lady and refused to pay her. But the lady vowed that she will not get out of his house before he pays her dues.

She threatened to report him to the police and teach him a lesson that he will never forget.

Below is the video of the city slay queen live in Gachoka’s house demanding her dues after he chewed her goodies and refused to pay.







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