4 Signs Your Relationship Is Crushing And You Should Do Something About It

Relationships can really get complex when things are not going well.

You really cannot tell if your partner is truly loyal.

But luckily these few tips can help you expose some of the things your partner may be doing when they are no more interested.

First of all, when your partner starts hiding things from you, they are slowly thinking of moving on.

This doesn’t only make you angry, it breaks you.

Another thing is when your partner starts comparing you with someone else.

When this happens, your partner has enough time to hang out with others but for you, they are in busy mode.

Furthermore, when they do something terrible, they have no regrets and they start doing the same thing often.

You need to ask what you have done to deserve such treatment and focus on mending the situation or moving on.

The final tip is that they stop asking ‘how was your day’ or ‘are you happy’.

During this phase, they start ignoring your texts, calls, and circumstances.






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