WATCH|| One Man Fights 20 Men And Wins, Knocks One Dead

In a viral video, it seems like two groups are fighting each other at the start, but in reality, it’s 20 people fighting for one guy. It’s unclear what sparked the fight or where it took place, but the internet was a buzz with speculation about the lone victor and compared him to various anime characters.

Bro just won a 20 v 1

— Only The Best Fights! (@2020Fights) August 19, 2022

At the beginning of the video, you can see a mob beating a guy and ripping off his clothes during the struggle. During the counterattack and evading, the individual delivers a punch so strong that a member of the crowd falls to the ground and becomes unconscious, forcing the fight to be called off.

Shared on Twitter by the account “Only The Best Fights!” with the caption “Bro just won a 20 v 1.” The post has received over 19 lakh views, 8,795 retweets, and 83.4 lakh likes.

A twitter user wrote, “All it took was one to send the message.” Another user said, “Boys will be Boys… 101.” Another said, “Me everynight fighting with my feelings for her..”







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