Watch|| Lady With One Leg Drops Her Cruches, Shakes Waist In Cute Dance

A beautiful amputee showcase of outward joy and happiness in the face of her physical limitations has melted hearts on the net

Indeed, happiness merely depends on one’s mindset and for a physically challenged young lady who has since gone viral, not even missing a limb can stop her from dancing.

The short clip shared on Instagram captured the pretty lady identified as Cindy Chilaka in ripped jean shorts and top vibing to a Nigerian song in an apartment.

Quite to the amazement of many, the lady danced hard without using her crutches which were spotted at a corner in the apartment.

With unexplainable ease, the lady made a clockwise turn as she whined her waist in the direction of the video recorder.

She did leg daŋce moves like her limbs were complete and wore a cheering countenance throughout her dancing. Netizens gushed about the lady’s positivity despite her condition.

Watch Cindy Chilaka dance video below:







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