A warm video of a very frail-looking old woman jamming to her favorite song has emerged online sparking beautiful reactions from netizens.

The unnamed woman held a walking in one hand while clutching to a portable sound system in the other hand from which the song she was dancing to emerged.

Netizens have reacted warmly to the rare video, a few samples of which we have gathered for you.

@Mokoane M: Music has the ability to keep life going smoothly. Keep on going with power. God will give you more life and source in meeting up daily needs.

@Peter A: Mama seems not rich, but she chooses to happy and avoid depression. I am sure is her nature of always being happy is what is keeping her alive to this age. God will give her constant peace, Amen.

@Akhigbe A: Oh My Goodness. So touching, may god strengthen her.

Watch the video below: