An unpleasant encounter between a Black man and a white woman has led to the collapse of the white woman’s husband as this whole issue unfolded at a hotel in the United States of America.

The black man and the white couple both lodged at the same hotel but as the receptionist was attending to the black man the woman wanted them to be attended first.

In the video which has since gone viral on social media, the woman raged in anger as he attacked the black man and created a scene and as the man freed himself from her grip he landed a wild punch on the woman’s husband and he slumped instantly.

The person who recorded the video was however heard in the background saying the woman should be restrained as she caused the whole issue due to her racist mentality.

Despite the punch hitting her husband she still tried to attack the black man but the hotel staff told him to calm and leave while they try to restrain the woman.

Woman accompanied by her hubby attacks black man, a silver member of the Hilton Hotel, for being served ahead of the couple.

Too many Karen incidents in the

— Kariûki (@KiloFxTrot) January 6, 2022