WATCH|| Bizarre As South African Man Proposes To Deceased’s Daughter During Funeral Service, Claims Its A Condolence Message

In yet another bizarre incident, a daring South African man decided to console his grieving girlfriend during her father’s funeral wake by asking for her hand in marriage. The helpless woman hastily accepted the man’s shocking request.

The jaw-dropping undated incident that has since gained traction on social media took place in one of the South African Sotho/Pedi communities believed to live around Limpopo province.

In a disturbing video circulating on TikTok, a Sotho man went home a happy man after convincing the daughter of the deceased man to marry her in front of her father’s coffin.

He can be heard thanking God for helping him be there in the woman’s life during such a trying time for her.

The daring man continues to claim his presence will comfort the woman’s heart which got broken over her father’s death.

At last, he asks for her hand in marriage to which she hastily agrees before sobbing in tears.

The crowd, most of which consisted of elderly women can be seen watching in awe and shock as the man went down on his knees to do a never before seen act that could be considered a taboo in certain cultures.

Many social media users have reacted to the ‘distasteful’ video with one blaming Christianity for allowing such a taboo to happen;

“The Christian church is allowing such things to happen in our culture,” the comment read.

From the videos circulating online, unconfirmed reports claim that the man could be a pastor and while conducting a funeral service for his girlfriend’s dead father, he thought it would be romantic to console her by asking for her hand in marriage.

Watch the TikTok viral video as posted by Zimcelebs Instagram page;