WATCH| ASAP Rocky Proposes To Rihanna In The Most Stylish Way In A Video

Shine bright like a diamond, or rather in gold grills?

American rapper ASAP Rocky has proposed to his pregnant girlfriend Rihanna in a new video for his single called D.M.B.

Rihanna is cast in the video, released yesterday, as ASAP’s main girl. In the romantic song, the 33-year-old rapper confesses his endearing love for the Barbadian beauty, retracing how their friendship and relationship boomed.

In the video, Rihanna, 34, appears as a bride, wearing a red wedding dress and matching veil, while carrying a bouquet of red roses. The camera then shifts, and while smiling, ASAP Rocky proposes as his gold teeth spell out the words, “Marry me?” In response, the “Kiss It Better” singer flashes her glistening gold teeth and mouths the words, “I do.”

In the song’s first verse, ASAP confesses that he didn’t think their friendship would morph into a relationship, which sees Rihanna getting pregnant. The rapper then goes on to appreciate Rihanna for everything that she does for him,


Time to call it what it was,

First I Thought It Wasn’t Nothing

Probably Think I Wanna Hit And Run

Bad Girls Wanna Have Fun
Shе Clean My Crib, She Feed My Friends

Shе Keep My Secret, She Keep My Fridge Packed
My Freezer Lit
That’s How Deep I Get, Negative Degrees
What’s The Type Of B**ch I Need


In the second verse, ASAP acknowledges Rihanna’s wealth and then goes on a crusade, professing his love for the Umbrella singer.


She Got Bank Accounts Too

With Big Amounts, Sh!t You Couldn’t Count

I Was Lost Then, But I Found You

I Was Slim Thick With A Bounce Too
It’s Your Tough Love That I’m Bound To

I Fell In Love With You

My Angel And My Goddess, When My Head Get Clouded
My Head Get Cloudy, My Thoughts Get Cloudy
You’re My Soulmate, My Goddess

Watch the video below.

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky were friends for years, then started dating in 2020, according to E News. She told Vogue in April that ASAP was initially in the friend zone but became her man during the COVID-19 pandemic.