Timothy Mtilosanje to sue Dzamalala over Kottana Chidyaonga’s death scandal

A boyfriend to late Kottana Chidyaonga, Timothy Mtilosanje has said he will sue well-known Pathologist Dr. Charles Dzamalala and the state over autopsy error which led to his arrest in 2020.

Mtilosanje together with three others were arrested to answer murder charges after Dr. Charles Dzamalala through his autopsy report declared that Chidyaonga died of termic poison but they were later acquitted by the High Court for lack of evidence.

Dissatisfied with the autopsy report, Mtilosanje lodge a complaint to the board of the Medical Council of Malawi (MCM) on the matter.
Yesterday MCM board found Dzamalala guilty and issued a stern warning.

Speaking in an interview with the press Mtilosanje through his lawyer Khwima Mchizi, said the outcome of the board’s investigations vindicate their fears that the Dzamalala’s autopsy report was not trustworthy.

“My client has suffered reputation damage and also got imprisoned largely because of this medical report. Someone has to be held accountable. We will surely sue the State and the medical practitioner,” said Mchizi.