Social Influencer Joshua Chisa Mbele Blasts Govt For Jailing People Over Pangolin

Opinionated social commentator Joshua Chisa Mbele has come after the government for sending people to jail for a long time over the endangered species Pangolin.

A lot of people have been jailed for over 10 years after being found in possession with pangolin.

Writing on his Facebook page Chisa Mbele said government should find another alternative solution of dealing with pangolin cases instead of sending people to jail for a long time.

“Dear Malawi Government, This Nonsense of Pangolin must stop. We can’t be sending people to jail for a very long time for Pangolin. Please find an alternative solution or remedy,” Chisa Mbele wrote.

He went further questioning the actual importance of the animal for people to be punished in that way when caught in its possession.

According to Chisa Mbele the country has real pressing issues than punishing people over pangolin.






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