Slay Queens Attack Ida Supergrany For Defending Stingy Boyfriends

Slay queens have attacked Malawian female social media influencer Ida Checker Chabs for making a post that defends stingy boyfriends from stopping spending money to their partners.

Ida who calls herself supergrany, wrote a post yesterday on her Facebook page encouraging her fellow women to work hard rather than begging from their partners.

“Boyfriends are here to love us not to fulfill your childhood desires and things your parents didn’t afford to buy you back then”, reads the post.

Supergrany continued saying you’re not an adopted child, you’re in a relationship and it’s your responsibility as a woman to look good and smell good. No one is liable for your needs and that private part was intentionally made for sex and to bring life to this earth, not to buy you groceries and expensive weaves you cannot afford.

However, the post has brought mixed reaction among Netizens of different gender as women are criticizing it while men are cheering what Ida said.

After the post, comment section of Ida was flooded with insult from slay queens saying she is not supposed to defend stingy men and she is not also supposed to act like an independent woman as she married to an old man because of his money.

On the other hand, It has been noted that a lot of men have supported her for saying truth that’s pains them much.

Meanwhile, Ida has strongly stands on the idea of saying women should stop depending on men and asking a lot of stuffs from then.

After the criticism, she went back on her page and wrote ‘Dear Slay Queens / Baddies, a brain has been in your head your entire life but you neglect it. It’s the burden of the neck to carry an empty head’ you need to stop stressing other people’s sons. Men’s mental health matter”.

A relationship is not a job, and marriage is not a source of income Boyfriend mustn’t suffer for your parent’s failures, it’s not his fault, adds Supergrany.

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