“He broke my virginity but still dumped me”

A 26 year old beautiful teacher in Lusuka has joined the list of Zambian women suing their partners for refusing to marry them after wasting their time.

On Monday, Juliet Chileshe a secondary school teacher, sued a 28 year old police officer who refused to marry her after impregnating her twice in 5 years of their seemingly unbreakable relationship.

According to Juliet, her man Bruce Siame a police inspector cancelled the wedding last month which was scheduled for August this year and decided to marry another lady, a fellow police officer.

This angered Juliet who on Monday sued Bruce in court demanding K275,000 cash for dumping her after mercilessly using her for half a decade. Juliet also wants Bruce to build her a 14 roomed house for her 2 children.

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