Robbers Broke Into A House In Machinjiri

Robbers broke into a house at Mkwepu area near Mkwate at Machinjiri township in Blantyre last night and went away with Sumsung laptop together with a Spark 4 phone which were left on charger at the sitting room.

Reports say the owner of the items identified as Maxwell Banda left the laptop and the phone on charger before going to bed and all the doors were locked from the inside.

Surprisingly around 11: 45 PM he heard footsteps like someone has entered the house since he stays alone in the house, when he woke up to see what was going on he found the laptop and the phone which were on charger gone.

“I did not see the man’s face, what i saw was the man running and that was then i started shouting for people to help caught him but to no avail, i don’t know how he managed to get inside since all the doors were locked,” he explained.

The matter has been reported to police for investigation.