Officers Spouse Cheers Female Inmates In Kasungu Prison

Wives of officers working at Kasungu Prison cheered female inmates at the prison on Friday, 13 April, 2022.

A representative of the prison officers’ wives Rodha Mtawali says the visit is to interact with the inmates and share presents as a demonstration of love.

“We have brought packets of Sugar, Soya pieces, petroleum jerry, and buckets among others,” she says.

She added that the people in prisons are human beings and they should be cared for with love because not all of them committed the crimes but some were accused for reasons unknown.

On their part the inmates appreciated the gifts they have received from the wives saying it is a blessing to be blessed.

One of the inmates identified as Dorothy, thanked the organizers and encouraged them to bless other people in prison.

“We are very grateful for the support and also your visit here has inspired us,” said Dorothy.

There are 49 inmates at Kasungu prison female section including five children