NGO courts journalists in fistula awareness

NGO courts journalists in fistula awareness

Freedom from Fistula national coordinator Margaret Moyo says journalists are crucial in the fight against obstetric fistula.

Speaking on Wednesday during a training session for journalists on obstetric fistula prevention, treatment and social reintegration in Nkhotakota, she said journalists have the ability to enlighten community members on the condition.

Moyo said through radio programmes and news articles, people can learn how to prevent fistula or how it is treated.

Moyo: The media has power

“I believe the media has the power to disseminate information about fistula. People should have the right information to prevent misconceptions,” she said.

Moyo also said the strategy of using patient ambassadors is progressing well as they help to identify clients in need of treatment.

Umunthu FM journalist Dyson Kamwana said the training was an eye-opener.

“We will report on fistula from a position of knowledge. We will ensure that women and girls know how the condition comes about and where it can be treated,” he said.

In a random interview with young women in the district, it was established that some did not know fistula condition.

Ireen Nkhoma, from Nkhotakota Boma, urged the journalists to address misconceptions about fistula.

“Most girls or women with fistula condition face stigma and discrimination in their communities. Therefore, airing programmes that condemn such acts will help restore dignity in women with such conditions,” she said.

Nkhotakota is one of the districts registering high cases of obstetric fistula.

The NGO also offers psychosocial support for the patients to overcome the trauma caused by stigma in their communities.

With funds from the Government of Iceland, Freedom from Fistula is implementing a three-year project dubbed Empowering Women with Obstetric Fistula to ensure access to quality obstetric fistula care and social reintegration in the district

The post NGO courts journalists in fistula awareness first appeared on Nation Online.

The post NGO courts journalists in fistula awareness appeared first on Nation Online.