Australian Republicans have announced a new plan on how they would elect a new Head of State if they removed Queen Elizabeth II from the ceremonial role.

While Australia announced its independence from the British Empire in 1901, they are still part of the Commonwealth and therefore have the reigning British monarch as their overarching leader.

But the Aussies who want to ditch all British influence from our political system believe they’ve got a good way to establish Australia as a truly independent country.

Peter FitzSimons, head of the Australian Republic Movement (ARM), says the plan would fundamentally change the way a Prime Minister is chosen in the country.

The plan is called ‘Australian Choice’ and would get local, state and federal parliaments involved in nominating candidates for Head of State.

Credit: Paul Marriott Photography/Alamy Live News

These people would be selected on ‘a merit-based choice’ and would be someone who speaks for Australians. The final names would then chosen by the Australian public in a national ballot.

The Head of State would be in their position for five years and they would be responsible for appointing the person who has majority support in the House of Representatives as the Prime Minister.

If such a person can’t be selected then an election will be called.