Minister hails Kamuzu Academy

Minister hails Kamuzu Academy

Minister of Tourism Vera Kamtukule has commended Kamuzu Academy for instilling good morals in learners for them to become good citizens.

She said this on Saturday when she spoke as guest of honour at this year’s Founders Day, which also marked the institution’s 42 years of existence.

Kamtukule commended  the school’s board of governors and teachers for upholding the standards set by its founder Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

She said: “Up until today I do not understand how students are being taught here.

Kamuzu Academy students march to their seats

“The reason I am saying this is that in our work places or anywhere, people who have walked in the corridors of this prestigious institution are easily noticeable because of their professional conduct and impressive character.”

Kamtukule urged the students to work hard and abide by the institution’s rules and regulations.

“I still remember and it still hurts that I was denied access to sit for Kamuzu Academy entrance examinations. I’m sharing this because I want to encourage you that it is hard work that can make a person successful in life and not necessarily where they attended their education. So, work hard to achieve your goals,” she said.

Kamuzu Academy board of governors chairperson Francis Pelekamoyo said the school has maintained the standards set by its founder.

“To date, we still offer the education that our founder wanted us to offer and nothing has changed. Anyone that has been taught here can attest to this,” he said.

Kamuzu Academy is located in Mtunthama, Kasungu and it opened in 1981.

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