Mchinji learns from Mangochi on nutrition interventions

Mchinji learns from Mangochi on nutrition interventions

Mchinji district principal nutrition, HIV and Aids officer Dave Panyani has expressed satisfaction with the lessons learnt from a trip to Mangochi where his delegation appreciated success stories on nutrition interventions.

The team toured the implementation of the community nutrition and early stimulation component, with a special emphasis on the success of Integrated Homestead Farming (IHF) within the Investment in Early Years Project (IEYP).

“We came from Mchinji to learn few things so that we can share the lessons with people of Mchinji,” said Panyani.

Dyson tells her success story

Mangochi IEYP project officer Esau Hinjes said at least 157 households in the district grow crops and rear animals under IHF to ensure they eat six food groups.

“This is crucial in addressing people’s nutritional needs, especially for children,” he said.

Ruth Dyson of Traditional Authority (T/A) Chilipa said the project helped her venture in livestock and poultry farming.

“I rear rabbits, chickens and pigeons. I also grew fruit trees and have a vegetable garden. Now I provide six food groups to my children,” she said.

Dyson said the project also encourages pregnant and breastfeeding women to eat six food groups.

Odria Shawa, a cluster leader from Tithandizane Cluster at Kholoni in T/A Mlonyeni in Mchinji expressed commitment to promote homestead farming in her area after witnessing its success.

“I will encourage families to raise animals and have backyard gardens to grow vegetables,” she said.

Shawa said she also learned that the project has empowered people to become self-reliant by producing their own food.

IEYP is a World Bank-funded initiative seeking to improve the coverage and utilisation of early childhood development services, focusing on nutrition and early learning.

The project is implemented in 15 districts in the country, including Mchinji and Mangochi.

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