Mibawa’s Nthakomwa retires

Mibawa’s Nthakomwa retires

Mibawa Studios and Mibawa Television managing director John Nthakomwa has retired from the position.

Announcing his retirement on Saturday, he described his journey as tough, exciting and fulfilling at the same time.

Nthakomwa: The journey has been
both tough and fulfilling

Said Nthakomwa: “For me, the success has been the team and I’m glad that, through the years, we were able to create a team that is dedicated, creative and a team that has demonstrated that it is possible for us to deliver.”

He, however, said the company has been facing financial challenges due to the model that they have for free-to-air which is not sustainable.

“We have been discussing this with the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority [Macra] for many years. I am glad that the current director general of Macra and the Ministry of Information have acknowledged the challenge and they are working on a way to have a platform where Malawians can monetise their content,” said Nthakomwa.

Mibawa Studios and Mibawa Television acting managing director Tamanda Kwita thanked the leadership for entrusting him with the position.

Meanwhile the company has procured modern entertainment and studio equipment worth millions to promote the activities of the media company.

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