ZAMBIA – Police in Kasenengwa district have arrested two people who were allegedly found digging a grave of an Albino person who died in 2018.

The duo allegedly agreed to dig the grave of late Whitestone Zulu (an albino) who died on 24th January, 2018 at Mona village in Chief Madzimawe’s area of Kasenengwa with a view to get some bones for ritual purposes.

Eastern Province police named the suspects as Rabson Zulu aged 30 and Austime Ziwa aged 67 of Mona and Musangula villages respectively.

Mr. Lungu explains that on March 28th, 2021 at around 17 hours, Azele Moyo aged 39 of Mona Village, was looking for his cattle which had gone missing and as he continued looking for them up to midnight, he found two male persons digging an old grave.

He says the two suspects were apprehended and after interrogations, they agreed that they dug the grave of late Whitestone Zulu with a view to get some bones for ritual purposes. “We have been told that is the only way we can get rich”, they told investigators.

The Police Commissioner says the duo have been jointly charged and arrested for Criminal Trespass at a Burial site and are remanded at Namuseche Correctional Facility awaiting Court appearance.