Malawian Woman Denies Her Mum From Attending Her Wedding Because She Is Poor After Getting A Rich Husband, Says She Will Embarrass Her In Presence Of In-laws

A Malawian woman has taken to social media to share her story after her daughter denied and banned her from attending her wedding.

According to her, she married and divorced when she had 3 kids unfortunately, the husband died and his younger brother took care of the kids. Her daughter grew up and went to secondary then university, she was their for her supporting with pocket money.

She could not manage to pay her school fees but thanks to her uncle who was doing the needful.

It came a time when her daughter wanted to get married, the woman narrated that her daughter came with husband to be at her house, they ate their and had a long conversation. The man went home while her daughter slept in her mother’s house.

In the morning, she called her mum to a conversation, she told her mum that she does not want to see her at the wedding because of her state, she is not her mother and looks impoverished.

“The following morning, she informed me that she she wanted to talk. She started by telling me that she had found a rich man and she did not want me to be at her wedding as I’m not her mother and I look impoverished. My presence will embarrass her. She said her parents are the ones who raised her,” the woman narrated.

The woman tried to reason with her daughter who looked solid with her decision and her words but she could not win.

“I told her I had heard and indeed I didn’t attend the wedding. I just hear that she now has a child but I haven’t seen the child because she told me I must never visit even after because the only thing I will do is beg her husband’s wealthy family. I haven’t spoken to her since but I’m in so much pain,” she added.

Since the wedding, she has never mate her daughter and she just heard that she has baby.

“It is my prayer that God will give you a moment to reflect and remember that it is painful for me to be denied association with a life I gave birth to. If not in this life, It is my prayer that I go first so that maybe on my funeral if you will attend, you can buy me a mat even worth a dog to rest in. It is also my prayer that you find peace in this life and the next,” the woman cried.