Malawian Man Returns From Work To Find Another Man On Top Of His Girlfriend, Girlfriend Says It Is Was A Revenge

A Malawian man has cried after catching his girlfriend of two and half years having se.x with another man after he travelled for work.

According the man, he departed on Monday for Lilongwe to deliver goods since he is a driver for certain company, unfortunately, he had a breakdown at Lirangwe in Blantyre, he tried to call his girlfriend to update her on the trip but her phone could not be reached.

After working on the vehicle, he decided to return home, that was around 12 midnight. He arrived home, found loud music being played in the house, he went straight to bedroom where he found his girlfriend doing dog style with another man.

His girlfriend and the man fled the scene.

In her defense, the lady said it was a revenge since she also caught the boyfriend in the act with her bestfriend some time back.

”this guy ndihule but worst mistake anachinda my friend who we were together at Secondary on his bed and that day ma bed sheet ake anali oti ndagula ndine… I found pics my January, Peh I was in pain. Ndinawonda because I felt like a loser and useless,” she said.

As of now, it is not known to where the girl has gone since the guy has tried to reach her but no avail.