Kabambe too weak for presidency, Let’s resurrect Mutharika- Mchacha


Opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Regional Governor for the South, Charles Mchacha, has indirectly admitted that Peter Mutharika’s homeboy Dalitso Kabambe is a weak candidate for presidential polls.

The outspoken Mchacha, who in the recent past endorsed and has been campaigning for Dr. Kabambe, has since withdrawn his endorsement and opted for old guard Mutharika as possible candidate for DPP in 2025 presidential polls.

“We want to face the 2025 Presidential Election as a formidable force to win it. With Mutharika, we are assured of getting back in power,” Mchacha told local media over the week-end after noted that Kabambe is too weak.

Commenting on Professor Mutharika’s old age, Mchacha said: “Some people are worried about his age, but that is nothing. Check around the globe, you will find leaders much order than Mutharika.”

Meanwhile, Political scholars from the University of Malawi ( UNIMA) have warned DPP against forcing former president Mutharika to stand again, saying Malawians have lost trust in him {Mutharika) due to his old age.

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