Acting Chief Executive Officer for Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM), Clement Kanyama, says the sector is doing its best to make sure that they eliminate bribes from customers as one way of ending corruption while at the same time delivering the best services to customers across the country.

The remarks were made in Lilongwe on Friday during a press briefing under Government Faces the Press.

He said ESCOM has put a number of mechanisms to make sure that this comes to an end.
“We are aware of the malpractice that is happening across the country and we have a number of instances where our employees were found receiving bribes. We have a mechanism called whistle blowing where customers are advised to report if they suspect any fraud or corruption,” said Kanyama.

He further said ESCOM in collaboration with Government of Malawi will starting this year be connecting electricity for free.

Minister of Information, Gospel Kazako, said ESCOM is the face of electricity in the country and there is need to have access to good delivery of the services.

“Electricity is one of our priority areas because a lot of things requires electricity. We have a lot of developments that require electricity and energy is indeed crucial for the development of the country and there is need for lots of electricity.

When we sort out the work of electricity, we will fasten the developments of the country,” said Kazako.