Eli Njuchi impresses with Gu Gu Gu video

Eli Njuchi impresses with Gu Gu Gu video

Social media was yesterday abuzz with rave reviews of dancehall/Afro pop artist Eli Njuchi, real name Chifuniro Magalasi, following the release of his new single Gu Gu Gu.

In an interview, Eli Njuchi said the song celebrates love and is a message from a partner to his lover about how it feels when they are hurt by lies that people tell about the relationship.

Eli Njuchi: I am so grateful that we are allowed to do this

“I am so grateful that we are allowed to do this. The support the song has received is what moves us to keep working hard. I really appreciate the views and sharing or the song,” he said.

Eli Njuchi said the music video was shot at various locations in Blantyre.

“It is a collective effort and we had to do what we always do which is team work. We banged heads and came up with the concept. Many thanks to Hendrix and Viny Visuals for bringing the dream to life,” said the artist.

He said the album titled Red Flag will be out at the end of June and will be launched in Mangochi on July 30.

Commenting on observations that he does not adequately promote his music, the artist said: “I believe in positioning myself for what I stand for which is my music. I am an artist, everything about me is about music and that is it. Other things that have nothing to do with music can only derail what I want to give people.”

Many fans reacted positively to the development on his Facebook page.

Wrote Dan Kapito: “This is a dope video. The concept is fresh and admirable. We need to have such a variety of videos, especially from the younger generation.”

Many other entertainment pages also carried positive reviews of the song, especially the video.

Gu Gu Gu’s audio has been recorded and mastered by producer Sispence. The beat was created by Nigerian beat maker Jostopac while the video was done by Hendrix and Viny Visuals.

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