Education Authorities Commends MANEB’s Electronic Registration

Education authorities from government and private schools are appreciating the introduction of E-Registration for registering candidates and collecting examination fees both for primary and secondary school national examinations.

Malawi Examination Board (MANEB) introduced electronic system in 2021 as the only way of bringing sanity on examination fees payments and reduces school challenges that come with the registration.

Rosemary Phiri, Primary Education Advisor (PEA) said the introduction of E-registration has eased the work that the head teachers in the schools were facing during the whole process.

“I must say this electronic registration is something else because this year’s registration has simplified our work and also the work of the head teachers in various schools in the country”, she said

Peter Merika, PEA for Namulenga Zone in Mulanje district agreed with Phiri to say the E-registration is the only way Malawi needs to be using as a symbol of development in the digitalized country.

“The fact is we were lacking behind all these years but now i can bodily say the electronic registration has simplified the work which head teachers were doing in the registration of  Primary School Leaving Certificate (PSLCE), Malawi Junior Certificate (JCE ) and even the Malawi School Leaving Certificate (MSCE) in the country”, explained Merika

According to James Maliro, Director of Jamo Private Schools in Lilongwe said the system has increased the effectiveness in the delivery of the services.

“To say the truth we are thankful to the MANEB people for looking into the issue of exams registration because this E-registration is very efficiency and increases the effectiveness in delivering the service” said Maliro.

Speaking on the matter, Bram Fudzulani, President for ICT Association of Malawi said the introduction will help Malawi to move into a technological education sector.

“The introduction itself is a move towards technological based education sector in the country, and i would like to encourage MANEB to continue with the system to avoid unnecessarily issues or quarrels in the education sector for as long as national examination is concerned in the country”, said Fudzulani.

For over decades now MANEB has been using head teachers and few selected teachers when registering candidates in Malawian schools which resulted in many challenges for example squandering of examination fee and time consuming but with the introduction of E-registration it will be difficult to encounter the challenges.