Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda of the High Court in Lilongwe has dismissed with costs a case on the controversial mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.

Last year, Lilongwe-based freelance journalist Mundango Nyirenda and the Center for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) challenged the proposal for the mandatory administration of Covid-19 vaccine.

CDEDI and journalist Mundango Nyirenda wanted the court to stop the Ministry of Health from implementing the mandatory administration of the Covid-19 vaccine and stop parliament from demanding Covid-19 certificates from employees in order to access parliament premises.

They also wanted the court to stop all private and public institutions from demanding vaccination certificates from their employees and customers to have access into their premises.

In his ruling, Nyirenda said the two claimants, CDEDI and Nyirenda, had sued wrong parties and that they lack sufficient interest in the matter.

Meanwhile, the claimants lawyer, Oscar Taulo said he will sit down with his clients to map the way forward.

But Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda said they are happy that the court has agreed with their arguments.