‘Chakwera walephera’-Joshua Chisa Mbele

One the country social commentators Joshua Chisa Mbele has said that President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera of Tonse Alliance has failed Malawians and there is no need for him to stand again come 2025 general election.

Mbele is said this in reaction to MCP’s top gurus who are busy each passing day endorsing President Chakwera as the party’s torchbearer.

Writing on his official facebook page Mbele blatantly said Chakwera has failed.

“Chakwera walephera. Promoting him today for next term is sheer absurdity with disparaging melancholy.

“We don’t eat from politicians. We will never eat in their homes. If you benefit from them, that is your own personal and family problem,” wrote Chisa Mbele.

He added: “Malawians aren’t patient anymore for indecision, family-enriching, collusion, incompetence and mediocrity.

Meanwhile, social analysts have asked MCP to concentrate on governing the country and not politicking.