Apostle Suleman Speaks Amid S3x Scandal

Nigeria’s man of God Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries has spoken for the first after his alleged nude pictures hit online.

On May 9, a Nigerian- Canadian based musician Stephanie Otobo took to twitter posting nude pictures in which she claimed that they are hers and the man of God.

According to her, the pictures were taken during one of the private moments she shared with the man of God.

She went further posting a screenshot of a FaceTime call with the clergy man challenging him to refute the claims.

She has then promised to release more videos and pictures of herself and the man of God.

Amid all the dram making rounds on social media, the man of God has chosen to stay quite instead he called on people striking in Nigeria to call off the strike.

“I tweeted ‘End ASUU strike’ yesterday Sunday and today Monday I am trending on Twitter.. una well done! Same strategy all the time.

“You guys should have done this at least a week later to avoid traces. END ASUU STRIKE!”

People on social media have however applauded Apostle Suleman for handling the matter in a mature way.

On the other hand, people are dragged the singer for her behaviour.






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