The Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda has come under heavy criticism for giving 60-day general amnesty to top government officials suspected to have connived with Asian business person Zuneith Sattar to defraud Malawi government.

In a statement made available to the publication Chakaka Nyirenda said the 60-day general amnesty is online with Pursuant to justice and restitution balancing act.

“AG wishes to announce a 60-day general amnesty to all those who might have defrauded Government or illicitly acquired wealth whether through procurement fraud and corruption or otherwise, but willing to restitute or voluntarily surrender the said wealth within 60 days from the date hereof,”

He added: “The amnesty extends to the 77 Cashgate files that are currently before the prosecution authorities, the commercial banks that facilitated Cashgate and to the investigations connected with Mr. Zuneith Sattar.”

Reacting to the development, some Malawians on the social media has asked AG to name and shame those people suspected to have connived with Sattar before giving them 60-day amnesty.

According to some of the comments on facebook, a majority of Malawians thinks the move by Chakaka Nyirenda aims at protecting Tonse administration officials implicated the Sattar scandal.

“No to amnesty, and firstly we need to know the people involved otherwise this can be a way of protecting cronies and bigwigs involved. Is there a law which supports such Amnesty?” a social media user Morgan Banda posted on facebook.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) recently arrested President Lazarus’s trusted cabinet Minister Kezzie Msukwa in connection to Sattar probe. The ACB further announced to make more arrest in connection to the scandal.  

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