Actors enriching local music videos

Actors enriching local music videos

There is an emerging trend where an increased number of musicians engaging professional actors and actresses when shooting their music videos.

The practice of hiring professional actors is a departure from the past when musicians could literally pick anyone to choreograph in their music videos. The new trend has seen many productions attaining more colour and attraction that was previously lacking.

Mphwedo (L) with Simon and Kendall in Kumadya music video

One artist that has benefitted from this practice is Jetu, whose latest music video Chikwaza features comedian Ching’aning’ani and managed to hit 100 000 views on YouTube within 11 hours of its release on Saturday.

Another music video that attracted huge public interest is a recent release by the Nyemba Nyemba boys Symon and Kendal, Kumadya, which features actor Tumpe ‘Phwedo’ Mtaya of School Days movie.

Other notable productions featuring known actors and actresses include Sean Morgan’s new single Idzakwana, which stars renowned actor Edwin Chonde, Hannah by Lulu which features actress Brenda Nselu, Kell Kay’s Muchedwa, which has Brazio Mathias and Zeze Kingston’s Kusangalala as well as Ku Tiyeni by Praise Umali.

Phwedo appears to be one of the most sought-after actors having featured in four recent music projects. Apart from Kumadya, he also appears in Ril B’s Lema, Dream Big by C Triz featuring Sean Morgan and another yet-to-be released song by Pastor Makawa.

The actor said the secret of the craft boils down to preparation, training and understanding the role that you are asked to play in song.

“There is also that constant exchange of ideas between the choreographers and directors while on set to ensure you communicate what is desirable,” he said.

On his part, Chonde said music and acting relate to each other such that the demands in both setups are almost similar although acting in music videos requires one to come up with immediate concepts on the spot.

He said: “Personally it is about visibility and exposure. The roles we play in the music videos allow us to show our potential clients some of our other strong characters.”

Chonde said the financial rewards are not as huge because of the structure of the industry in Malawi, but he is driven by the passion to undertake such assignments. 

In an interview yesterday, Lulu said the actors help in bringing out some emotions that are not easily communicated by words, thereby enhancing their narrative.

“There are situations where a person in the video is required to cry in the most convincing way. It is not everyone who can bring out such emotions,” he said. 

Sean Morgan said actors are easy to work with and their presence helps to put the ideas into reality.

He said: “Professional actors master their craft and they easily understand and execute a concept.”

The post Actors enriching local music videos first appeared on Nation Online.

The post Actors enriching local music videos appeared first on Nation Online.