Zonke comes back with the ‘Vote’everyone

Zonke comes back with the ‘Vote’everyone

Following the success of his first hit song Kamodzi in 2022, Bangwe Township-based artist Zonke Too Fresh has been making a name for himself.

After bagging several awards last year, he took a short break to concentrate on his studies, but the artist is back now with a new single titled Vote.

Zonke: I want to leave a mark in the industry

The award-winning star has maintained his signature stunt of imitating a president.

In an interview, Zonke said the song is meant to encourage people to trust their instincts when choosing their political leaders.

“People should remember that they have to vote based on their intuition. Just like in a relationship, one settles where the heart feels safe and comfortable,” he said.

Commenting on observations that a number of artists from Bangwe Township in Blantyre are imitating his voice and delivery, Zonke said he has no problems with that.

“I nurtured my voice to sound unique and different from the rest of the artists. This is due to the fact that I want to have a unique style and legacy. I want to leave a mark in the industry. If some artists are copying my style, that’s fine with me because it means I have inspired them,” he said.

In the Vote video, the artist portrays a politician who is campaigning for his seat and encourages voters to vote wisely in the upcoming elections. The song has a positive awareness message which the artist is sharing with his fans apart from the dance vibes.

The song also has a well-scripted screenplay, spiced up by the unique costumes worn by the artist and the dancers. Part of the song goes: Azimayi avale zitenje nthawi ya campaign/ anyamata muzipente/ tikumane munsewu popita tikwela lorry/azimayi atsogole/ koma amene asalore sitimulemba za ngongole/ndipatseni bwalo apa/ chisankho changa ndapanga/mtima wona wasankha/ vote ya ine ili mu mtima/ vote ya ine ili mu mtima/ ngati wakonda ine uzingodziwa.” Zonke Too Fresh won the MBC Entertainers of the Year Award as Best New Artist. Some of his popular songs include Pachibale Pawo, School Report and Analola.

The post Zonke comes back with the ‘Vote’everyone first appeared on Nation Online.

The post Zonke comes back with the ‘Vote’everyone appeared first on Nation Online.