Zambian Woman Allegedly Dumps Newborn Baby in Latrine to Save New Relationship (Video)

In a shocking incident in Kaputula compound in Kabwe, a woman has been accused of abandoning her new born baby boy in a pit latrine in order to secure her new marriage.

The woman, whose identity is currently known, is believed to have given birth to the child in secret before disposing of the infant in the latrine.

Local residents discovered the baby, who miraculously survived the ordeal, and immediately alerted the authorities. The child is currently receiving medical treatment and is in stable condition.

Police are investigating the incident and searching for the mother, who is believed to have fled the area. They have urged anyone with information about the incident to come forward and assist with the investigation.

The community is in shock and disappointment over the incident, with many condemning the mother’s actions and calling for justice for the abandoned child.

The incident has also sparked a wider conversation about the importance of responsible parenting and the support available for individuals facing difficult circumstances.

It is hoped that the baby will be placed in a loving and caring home where he can receive the care and support he needs to thrive. 






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