Zambian Second Year Student Commits Su!cide, Leaves Note

A Second Year Power and Electrical-Craft Student at Choma’s St. Mawaggali Training Institute In Zambia has reportedly committed suicide at his family house in Mochipapa area in the early hours of Wednesday.

A deceased identified as Royd Hachampa, is said to have consumed an insecticide around 21:00 hours, but his mum was still awake at the time, hence managing to rush him to Choma General Hospital.

He is stated to have passed on around 05:00 hours at his house after he had been discharged from hospital.

Malambo Muyuni, a course-mate to the decease gave the narration of event and had rushed to the funeral house following news of the incident.

Muyuni stated that the deceased’s student colleagues have been left wondering as to what may have prompted him to take his life as he did not exhibit such intentions in prior interactions.

Police are yet to issue a statement on the suspected suicide act.

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