Zambian pastor in hot soup after his audio complimenting married woman of her dancing skills in bed leak

Kitwe, Zambia – A church service at Kitwe Tabernacle End-Time Message took a violent turn on Sunday as congregants exchanged blows over allegations that the pastor, Chitalu, had been unfaithful with a married woman.

The altercation reportedly began after members of the church heard a leaked voice conversation in which the pastor was heard praising the woman for her “perfect moves in bed.”

According to witnesses, those who were in support of the pastor’s actions clashed with those who opposed them, resulting in several injuries.

The husband of the woman in question reportedly attempted to confront the pastor, but he has since gone into hiding.

The Kitwe Tabernacle End-Time Message has not yet released a statement on the incident, and it is unclear what actions, if any, will be taken against the pastor.

The police has been informed and are investigating the incident.