Zambian Pastor And Wife Fight Over Missing Public Hair

Zambian pastor only identified as pastor Chama exchanged blows with his wife after his pubic hair known as ‘amaso’ went missing.

Pastor Chama is said to have disappeared from his home for three days and three nights for some alleged prayer mountain.

However, on his return home, Pastor Chama’s private parts were shaved smooth and clean prompting his wife, Beauty Simolonga aged 34, to take him to court.

Speaking in court, ‘Mai Busa’ said she had opted to drag the man of the collar to court instead of church council as he had a disturbing behavior of disappearing like the prodigal son and returning at ungodly hours with his tanks of reproductive juices nearly empty.

Further, that when questioned over his missing pubic hair, the Pastor lost his cool and hit his wife with a chair.

Quizzed on what spirit shaves him when he goes to the mountain, Pastor Chama said that he shaves himself as he fears his wife may use his blessed pubic hair for rituwife.

Principal Presiding Local Court Magistrate Mubiana Mubita, sitting with Senior Local Court Magistrate Esau Daka, granted the couple divorce.






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