Woman, daughter drown in Msusu River in Mzimba

Tragedy has struck Perete Village in Mzimba after a 24-year-old mother Matrida Mwale lost her life in an attempt to rescue her six-year-old daughter Grace Mbewe who drowned in Msusu River in the district.

The incident happened on Sunday when Mbewe, along with her two friends went to the river for a swim. “In the course of swimming, she went to the deep side of the river and failed to swim back, resulting in her tragic drowning,” said Macfarlane Mseteka, Public Relations Officer for Jenda Police Station.

Her two friends ran to the village and informed the mother who without hesitation rushed into the river to rescue her daughter but, she too succumbed to the river’s current, said Mseteka.

People in the village managed to retrieve both the mother and the daughter and they were quickly taken to Emfeni Health Centre but they were pronounced dead upon arrival. Meanwhile, police have advised people to seek the services of experienced/ professional swimmers in rescue missions.


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