Woman Caught Sleeping With A 12-Year Old Boy In An Uncompleted Building (Video)

In an uncompleted building, some guys caught a woman sleep with a boy who was just 12 years old.

A very young boy of 12 years old was defiled by a woman, perhaps in her twenties, who was captured by three young men. If you look closely at the video, you’ll notice that the men saw the woman and the little son emerge from an unfinished building and make their way toward the building, where they were shocked.

Before then, because the woman didn’t see guys in the first place, after double-checked the entryway from both sides. Then, she instructed the little kid to take the first move…, but the guys who caught them, warned them that they had seen them and that if they tried to flee, the guys would give chase and beat them if they were caught. Both the woman and the young kid were shaking with fear as they stood there. The woman was attempting to convince the men that the young child is actually her younger brother, but the men asserted that she was being dishonest.

The guys were overheard in the video asking the small boy, “Do you know this woman? How old are you?”. The 12-year-old boy said that he doesn’t know her, after telling them his age. The lady started begging the guys that she didn’t do anything with him inside the uncompleted building but the guys said that they will take them to the small boy’s parents and tell them the story.

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