Why African leaders were bussed to Queen Elizabeth II funeral

Several photos have surfaced on social networks showing African heads of state including Kenya’s president William Ruto and Tanzania’s president Samia Suluhu being transported to the venue of Queen Elizabeth’s state burial at Westminster Abbey in London.

While all foreign dignitaries were transported by a fleet of buses, US president Joe Biden and his wife, Jill were allowed to travel to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral service on Monday, September 19 in an armored presidential limousine: “The Beast”.

As the funeral leads trends across social media platforms, with the hashtag #queensfuneral, it appears many social media users are not happy about this arrangement which was announced days ahead of the funeral.

As if colonialism wasn’t enough, African leader are packed in a bus to the burial of the chief colonizer………whereas the US president is given first class treat befitting a head of state. pic.twitter.com/VRlklwzLFq

— Athousand Brains (@AthousandBrains) September 19, 2022

Former Kenyan Governor, Mike Sonko responded to this saying, “These foreigners lack manners. How can they keep African Presidents in one bus in London? God forbid something bad happens on that bus. What will happen?” pic.twitter.com/XL5dmFbCHL

— Africa Facts Zone (@AfricaFactsZone) September 19, 2022

Others were however of a different opinion.

@Omoalayo_: This is not about the UK, the US won’t let their president ride on the bus… Interpol won’t, FBI won’t.. They just won’t allow it

@Tiyiselani_TP Whether we like it or not, a USA president is no ordinary president, he’s a president of the most powerful nation in the world. His security will be much higher.

@JosephBowyer1 Why do Africans like comparison? Yes and Biden is greater than every African president.

@Rhumeey The priceless smiles on their faces…so happy to be invited, ridiculed.. and humiliated regardless!

According to the UK’s Express news portal, the White House demanded that Biden travels via a six-car motorcade for “security reasons”. Their request was granted by UK officials hence the development.

The publication further claimed that the rest of the guests were transported in buses to “ease traffic congestion”.

However, according to reports, Biden was not the only one excluded from the VIP bus ride. Others included the royal families from European countries.

Also, on the list were leaders of G7 countries, like France’s Emmanuel Macron, Japanese Emperor Naruhito, and Canada’s Justin Trudeau among others. This is also for “security reasons”.






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