What is this about Fertile Cultural Ground and PDP?

Dear judge Mbadwa

My lord, it appears Fertile Cultural ground in Tcholo has become a stage for subtly laying down People’s Demagogic Party (PDP) policy direction if Mapuya’s speeches at the venue are anything to go by.

You know it was at this venue last year where Nasangalala Nakondwa “was put in his proper place” by a brutal Mapuya who was not amused by the young man’s ambitions.

Why a cultural grouping event should be full of political overtones year in and year out is something that doesn’t surprise me anymore.

My lord, I submit that what Mapuya said at the cultural grouping cements my earlier position that Mapuya is one of the major protagonists of the confusion that has characterised PDP.

It is at the same Fertile Ground few weeks ago where he announced that he will represent PDP in the next Nyasaland general elections. How democratic!

My lord, those gurus who had put themselves as heirs apparent have been thrown into a dungeon of confusion after spending a lot of money to woo potential voters.

Mapuya once again dared all who care about the party that he is PDP and PDP is him.

Save for Nakondwa who has openly dared Mapuya, I don’t know whether the rest of the aspirants have the guts to challenge their mentor for the presidency position.

My fears that the hitherto Mapuya’s ambivalent position on the party’s leadership succession plan would lead the once mighty PDP into the proverbial wasting like the ‘dirty old curtains’ of Chairman’s fame are fast becoming a reality.

I don’t buy the argument that others are advancing that Mapuya is a unifying factor in the party because the party looks more polarised now under his watch than it was some years back.

My lord, PDP needs a convention where it could forge its future other than Fertile Ground decrees that would divide the party further.

My lord, wasn’t it at the same venue last year where the Chairman of Yellow Party advised Mapuya to unite the PDP?

Your guess is as good as mine whether the advice was taken heed of.

My lord, why should Nyasas care about Fertile Ground statements? A disorganised PDP is something that our democracy does not need.

Nyasaland needs political parties that are strong and well-run if they harbour ambitions of forming the next government.

Any wonder that Tokha Are Liars seem to be getting away with political murder?


Nzika Yodabwa.

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