We Sleep on the Same Bed, Two Women Sharing One Man Say he Satisfies them Despite Inability to Speak

Essien, a 52-year-old-year-old man from Rwanda who has speech problems is lucky after two sisters fell in love with him despite the condition that most women would shun.

The man who currently is not that wealthy to keep to women first met Nabanti Maliya and was lucky to have three children. However, it did not go well all along as one of the three died mysteriously, the other two aged 20 years and 19 years are thriving, the eldest one is away from home while the other one stays with his parents.

One day, Nabanti’s younger sister Petronilla visited their home saying that she had conflicts in her marriage and was later thrown away from her matrimonial home. The couple decided to accommodate her and wished her well as she stayed with them. While staying with them, the man fell in love with her and left her pregnant, this prompted the couple to take her as a second wife.

Nabayi now says that she accepted her sister as part of her family and gladly shares a man with her, apart from a man, the two also share food and sleep on the same bed.






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