We can build Malawi by detesting GBV


olks, there have been numerous incidents of violence against children lately, especially adults molesting young girls, boys and infants, including some shameful cases where fathers have committed incest with their own biological daughters.

We can agree that almost every day we hear and read very shocking stories in the media of some irrational adults that do such regrettable acts as if they are possessed by demons or suffer from strange psychics.

Unfortunately, all this is happening in spite of various local and international campaigns against sexual violence which results in severe physical, psychological and social harm.

With the rising cases of HIV and Aids, these acts increase the risk of contracting the virus and other sexually transmitted infections among the minors, not to mention untimely pregnancies and psychological trauma.

This is why all Malawians need to enhance efforts in fighting against sexual violence which continues to occur in our communities, including homes, schools and even churches.

In spite of this, however, It is encouraging to note that some local and international organisations, including the United Nations are tirelessly strengthening global action to bridge funding gaps and ensure essential services for affected women and girls even during the Covid-19 crisis.

Esteemed countrymen and women, it is also disheartening to note that disasters such as cyclones worsened the plague of sexual and other forms of violence against women and girls in most of the country’s households.

In case some of us have forgotten, disasters can lead to displacement, disruption of social norms and increased poverty, all of which can exacerbate existing risks of violence against women and girls.

Nevertheless, I must state here that poverty, cultural beliefs or any kind of circumstances do not justify monstrous acts against innocent children and our women by loose men in our communities.

On this note I would like to urge all citizens and organisations in the country to continue collaborating and safeguarding various local, regional and international legal frameworks designed to tackle this shameful phenomenon to ensure that our children live industrious lives and grow up to become productive citizens of this country.

It is also encouraging to see that many Malawians are now able to understand what gender-based violence (GBV) is and are now coming out in the open to report some hidden GBV and sexual violence cases to police and other relevant agencies.

Folks, we can build this country together for future generations by defeating current bottlenecks that impede hopes for our future leaders.

Since various campaigns against GBV and violence against children started, Malawi made significant strides to address the vices through both public and private initiatives designed to raise awareness, influence behavioural change and lobby for political commitment to end gender violence.

This is why I think all Malawians should join hands to enhance efforts in fighting against violence against women and girls (including children), which remains on the rise in our homes, schools and even churches. Unfortunately, most of the cases go unreported as victims fear reprisals from perpetrators.

Despite all this, however, it is encouraging to note that Malawi, through the Ministry of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare, Ministry of Justice, various government agencies and CSOs as well as the UN are tirelessly strengthening local action to reduce GBV cases.

Therefore, I urge all men to participate in the 2022 campaign because often we perpetrate this vice, especially in our homes or within the confines of the bedroom. Creating more awareness among men of the negative effects of violence is thus a key step towards developing a safer society.

Power or masculinity should never justify monstrous acts by loose and weak men against vulnerable women and children in our communities.

GBV silently shutters all hopes and aspirations for better lives among victims and we can build a stronger country together by ending the vice, especially against innocent children.

The post We can build Malawi by detesting GBV first appeared on The Nation Online.

The post We can build Malawi by detesting GBV appeared first on The Nation Online.