Ways To Increase Brain Memory And Sharpness(Intelligence)

Mindset are beliefs that one holds in his or her mind and that which determines his or her present circumstances. There are two types of mindset which are Fixed and Mindsets.

The fixed mind setters argue that one’s ability of intelligence, cannot be cultivated or increased while growth mind setters argue that, one’s mindset can be increased through gaining proper education and information.

There are some ways that can help you increase or boost the power of your memory.

Memory or brain power can be boosted or increased through reading or solving complex puzzles. Through solving complex problems, one can use his critical thinking throughout it, his or her brain power is boosted.

The curiosity of reading and finding answers to some problems is similarly a good way to increase one’s intelligence.

Another way that has always been in existence is Microcurrent treatment. This is the therapy that is used in treating patients suffering from arthritis sports injuries.

Scientists have also verified that Microcurrent therapy initiates the alpha structures of the brain and stimulates the body’s biological therapeutic state.

Good diet also can increase your memory ability. It is said by dieticians that a good diet helps the brain tissues to get nourishment and stay fresh to perform mental functions.






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