Watch|| Couple has sex in public while friends in Melville cheer them on

South Africans took to social media on Monday to voice their anger following a video showing young people having sex in public on Saturday night.

In a video posted by Kaashifah Kopp on Facebook, a young couple can be seen kissing, while another, right next to them, is seen having sex and using a wall for support.

She said: “Who you are is a choice, and shouldn’t be influenced by who you choose to surround yourself with! The video below is something we recorded Saturday night, on the main road in Melville, down the road from Ideal cafe. These girls literally met these guys a few minutes before this happened. We overheard the one guy mentioning that ‘he didn’t even get her name’.”

She said she tried to warn the girls in the video against having sex in public but they still went ahead with it, so she took a video “to make them famous instead”.

“As for the people cheering them on? You’re nothing better!”

She asked people to share the clip until they could “find their parents”.

The South African Sexual Offences Act 23 says: “Any person 18 years or older who in public commits any act of indecency with another person, shall be guilty of an offence.”

Should the young couple be identified, they will receive a fine of not more than R4,000 or face imprisonment for a period of not more than two years “or both such fine and such imprisonment”.

However, nobody’s features are clear in the footage.

Watch the video below:







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